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Lauren worked with the Partners and clients of a national law firm to identify what had caused clients to abandon them and defect to the competition. She was able to establish gaps in service levels and a perceived value of the competitor proposition, not evident within the client organisation. Lauren developed a strategy with the Partners and helped action the plan to reposition the firm.


Once the strategy and tactical plan had been accepted and finalised, a communications programme was put in place. The results of the client interviews and feedback on client perceptions were presented to everyone in the firm. The employees and Partners engaged in addressing service delivery issues and new ways of working, embracing new technology which resulted in efficiencies and cost savings for everyone.


The changes, coupled with client relationship management training resulted in returning clients and an improvement in conversion ratios on business proposals.



Working with the MD of an owner managed business, Lauren was able to identify that the company had lost its focus, taking a scattergun approach - trying to be 'all things to all men.' Staff were unclear about the business strategy and working with little regard for time spent on a job and service levels.


A client analysis was undertaken to identify key clients, profitable clients and those with untapped potential. This was followed by the introduction of a market segmentation process, a review of the brand values and the core key messages.


The company has now refocused, developed a clear strategy and understanding of who to target and how to reach different segments of the market with effective channels of communication. The company is strengthening it's position in the market place and winning new profitable business.




A national company, adopting a growth strategy based on acquisition faced the inevitable challenge of building a strong brand across the country. Following a series of sessions with stakeholders the core values, overall brand values, key messages, positioning statements and the value proposition were developed. A 'roadshow' was rolled out around the country to educate and involve staff.


A set of materials consistent in look and feel, combined with a new website and intranet were developed along with a programme of workshops, exhibitions and seminars across the country aimed at specific sectors.


This activity, combined with a clearly defined PR strategy and implementation programme focussed on the client's trade press, resulted in greater market penetration, brand recognition and an increase in business.









A national firm was challenged by the needs of its customers in different geographic locations. Although each group required the service they did not necessarily require every element and their delivery expectations varied hugely. A client analysis followed by the introduction of an ongoing programme linked to Key Account Management and client relationship management was developed for a small group of Partners and Associates who were responsible for business development.

Over a period of a year each Partner attended coaching sessions to help them better understand some of the techniques used to add value to the offer.


In addition to strengthening vulnerable relationships, retaining business that was under threat and securing new business the Group was able to demonstrate that a different approach to business development could make a difference and subsequently others were encouraged to adopt the new approach.







Strategic Marketing and business development for Professional Services firms, family-owned and owner-managed businesses.



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